Jobs at 50

Finding a job in this economy can be quite challenging. What makes it even more challenging is when you are a person of 50 years or more. Just to reassure you guys, it’s not impossible. You will need to plan ahead for your search. You will also need to expect things you didn’t have to in your younger years.

1)You need to start your search very early, even if you are collecting unemployment. The longer you stayed unemployed, the harder it will be to find a job. This goes for people who have the necessary experience. Start looking for something right away. Employers notice the gaps. They also notice the tension and frustration someone goes through to find a job. This can work against you and not for you.

2)You have to work your network. I am not talking about the social stuff either. I am speaking about the personal contacts. This will help you, especially in cases where you might get discriminated against. People over 50 do tend to get discriminated. If someone is willing to vouch for you and put in a good word, this will improve your chances.

3)Like it or not, younger managers will feel weird about you. Some will think you are out for their job. Some will be uncomfortable being a “boss” to someone who is much more experience than they do. This is the time to reassure them. You need to reassure the boss that you have no intention of taking his/her job. Younger bosses get very upset about this, especially those who did not earn their way like you did.

If finding a job is important to you, you will need to hold their hands on this. It might suck, but it has to be done. This will make the transition and hiring process much easier on both of you.

4) You do need ti stay clear of the age reference. Never go in and talk about jobs you held over 20-30 years ago. In fact, it’s best to shorten your resume. This is for your benefit as well as theirs.

Making a small joke about age could be construed as condescending. This will not improve your chances. Never bring up the boss’s age either. Just keep it all on the down-low.

Just add a spotlight to the last ten years. Speak only about relevant information. You also need to show why you belong there. Go out of your way to explain why you are not overqualified.


Getting a job after 50 is not an easy thing to do. If you take any one of these tips under advisement, you will be a step above the rest. Remember, you are competing against the next generation for a job you might have held 30 years before them. This is one situation you need to have work in your favor. Be cool. Play it smart. You will nail the job you are seeking.


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