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Age is meaningless when it comes to good books. All you need to do is get some big bad reading glasses, thick as thick can be, and read your way to another world. Then too, there are now a wide variety of books on tape, because people like to listen to books while they are commuting. So there really is neither reason nor rhyme involved with not reading. A good reading experience can change a person’s life, or it can help them sleep better at night. It isn’t just entertainment or education; stimulation of brain activity is another result, and the brain runs it all.


It is not only the young who are greatly influenced by book reading; all ages are influenced by what they read. Good reads come in many genres, voices, and types. Some people are mystery aficionados; some like science fiction. Some giggle at the drop of a hat; some are easily bored. Reading is the one commonality that that all share, because reading can work for anyone.


Classic authors are a sure bet for a good read. William Faulkner and Carlos Castaneda might seem worlds apart on philosophy, viewpoint, and many other standardized measurements; that fact is not important. One wrote fiction and one wrote non-fiction; that is not important either. What is important is that both authors could surely tell a tale that mesmerized its audience.


It never hurts to reread an old favorite. See what you may have missed the first time around. Small details might be forgotten, characters maybe have disappeared into oblivion, or whole plot lines are gone. The passage of time sometimes twists perceptions and sometimes irons them out into something totally different. Another viewpoint is what you get then.


Stretch your brain; take it for a run. Try a non-fiction read – history, alien theory, or a lovely conspiracy theory. Theories tend to be entertaining. There is so much literature to choose from, science, biographies, and autobiographies. Parapsychology is guaranteed to keep your interest, whether it is ESP, a ghost story, or reincarnation. History is another fascinating subject; it is being rewritten every day.


For pure reading enjoyment, change up your style. Read something you usually wouldn’t read; try a horror novel or a historical romance. Or just read something because it piques your interest. Books are limitless in their capacity to enthrall, entertain, and open up the mind. Wonder is still available in book form.


Stretch Your Brain With Reading

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