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As we age we find ourselves asked the question, “Are you getting out?”. The question is from family/acquaintances. When the time to answer comes we find ourselves asking, have we really been getting out?
It’s very easy to get caught up with the day to day routine we’ve had for many years. This can be dangerous as it isolates you from amazing people and life experiences. Making sure that you have an active social life is key to enjoying life after a job!
It can seem like a tricky endeavor. Where do you start? Where do you go? Will you fit in? These questions may work against you if you let them, but they can also be your guide. So, let’s use them to create a plan for your new social life!
Where do you start? Without an answer this question the other questions will not matter. So, where do you start? Make a list of your hobbies/interests. Feel free to add anything to this list that you would be willing to sit down and experience/learn for at least 30-45 minutes. Now list the items from most interesting/fun to a passing interest. You are ready for the next question.
Where do you go? Take your list, and a calendar, to the library. You could do this at home, but the point is to get out and be social. Find the library’s public computer and start searching. Enter your first item into the search engine with your city. Make a list of these events, groups, or locations on your calendar plus any contact information. Repeat with all the items on your list. If you find your calendar getting to crowded then just do this for the top 5 items on your list and save the rest for later use. Adding new activities and events in your life will keep your mind fresh and spirits high with the sense of new knowledge and experiences.
We reach our last question, Will you fit in? Keep in mind, you already have a similar interest with anyone at these outings. Conversation will be easier since a common topic is already present. People tend to relate better when experiencing common interests. This means that you already fit in and can relax. If you do come across people that don’t tickle your fancy it won’t matter. Your calendar is already full with other events, groups, and places to visit!
Life should not be centered around a job. It definitely doesn’t end because you are no longer working. It is an opportunity for exploring life and yourself! After all isn’t this what you went to the job for all those years to get to?

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